Levi’s x Harvey Milk Foundation pride collection 2016 


Levi’s has a rich history of supporting the important issues especially in in LGBTQ community to ensure equality. So this year Levi’s has teamed up with Harvey Milk Foundation for their third annual pride collection. Creating a gender-neutral range on election year to celebrate the outspoken and pioneering Harvey milk.


Harvey Milk was the first openly gay official elected in 1977, unfortunately his time in office was cut short (less than a year) after being brutally assassinated. His message lives on through the foundation which was started in 2009 by Milk’s nephew Stuart Milk. 

Their message is clear no matter who you are you deserve to be seen as an equal. “The Foundation, through Harvey’s dream for a just tomorrow, envisions governments that celebrate the rich and universally empowering diversity of humanity, where all individuals – gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, racial and ethnic minorities, the elderly, the young, the disabled – all who had been excluded can fully participate in all societal rights without exception.” This is the vision of the foundation and Harvey Milk however this should be the mantra we live by everyday. However this isn’t the case but I’m glad the LGBTQ community has a foundation like the Harvey Milk Foundation and companies like Levi’s in our corner.




The pieces being released will be a gender-neutral collection which will include; t-shirt and tank top both with the Harvey Milk bottle graphic, Trucker jacket embellished with Harvey Milk inspiring quote “Hope will never be silent” and also stone wash jeans with rainbow embroided pockets with Harvey milk patches.

Levi’s will release the collection in May and June in selected locations throughout Australia, Asia, Americas and Europe the collection will also feature online www.levi.com. A portion of the proceeds will go toward the not-for-profit global organisation Harvey Milk Foundation.

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